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2019-03-21 12:06:00

smart system recovery

just fixed my iphone with this app when my iphone keeps restarting. thankyou fonedog!


2019-03-20 15:04:38

The Earphone Connection Has Been Repaired!

My phone couldn't connect with the earphone. There is no sound flow out, so I try to download this software for help. Finally, it really helps!


2019-03-16 02:07:46

My Phone's Smooth Again!

It helps fix my phone's flash back, that's great!


2019-03-14 21:55:17




2019-03-06 21:47:15

It worked!

my always-frozen iphone 6 was fixed after i used fonedog


2018-12-24 06:56:53

no more annoying system

just got my iphone is disabled notice fixed after some unknown errors. Thankyou fonedog!

Leola E. Slattery

2018-08-22 14:33:29

Easy to use

Very easy to use! My iPhone is stuck in apple logo. After trying this software, it fixes my iPhone back to normal.

Melanie J. Langston

2018-07-12 10:13:45


The interface of this software is simple, but its function is powerful. My iPhone 6s looped in recovery modes and FoneDog fixed it.

Larry Dawson

2018-07-10 20:43:12

Fix my iPad

My iPad is frozen when I am playing games. I tried to turn off it, but it is still frozen. Finally I downloaded this program and it fixed my iPad mini 2 from frozen to normal.


2018-06-09 10:13:25


My iPhone died when I upgraded it to the iOS 12. This iOS System Recovery fix my iphone 8 Plus back to normal. thx!

Kurt N. Keaton

2018-05-19 22:11:08


good program thank u i wish somebody support u help me a lot thank you vey much.

Joe J. Knott

2018-04-27 12:54:23

It works!

I tried to restore my iPhone 7 via iTunes but it keeps giving me errors. Now it has been fixed by this software. It really works. thx!

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